Tuesday, November 4, 2014

E-mail dated 11/4/14

Dear Mom and Family,
Akwaabo! Another week has passed and has gone by incredibly fast. I'm sorry for not being able to email yesterday, we got about a half hour of email time before the power went out! Thankfully it's okay today though. Thank you for your patience and not calling president Stevenson ;) If I ever don't email on Monday I will almost always be able to email on Tuesdays! There's no need to worry, I promise.

Thank you for all of your emails this week and the news (good and bad...) that I received! Stupid Utes.... I'm glad to hear that the Halloween party was a success and that nobody was hurt swinging the stick at the Pinata, that's always good news! I also dressed up on Friday, and probably stuck out just as much as people at home as I was in my Priesthood uniform walking the streets of my area. Nobody gave us candy though, so that was a bummer... I was really sad to hear about Elder Pickett though, I have been keeping him in my prayers ever since I heard what happened last week. I love that kid and I can only hope that he stays out in the field. He has gone through a lot more than most and I know Heavenly Father has great things in store for him. Send my comfort and greetings to his family, I have obtained his email through Elder Erekson and am going to send him an email.
Wow, this week was quite eventful! Thankfully I can recap most of my week as I answer your questions though, so I think I will just provide long answers this week!

1. How was your Halloween?  Did you eat the goat you were planning to eat?

It was actually really good! I went on splits with one of my zone leaders, Elder Odongo (from Uganda). He is Elder Pearmain's companion, by the way. I took him to Eshiem on Friday and we had a pretty successful day before returning to the apartment. We killed and ate the goat earlier in the week because Mocke wanted to see it, so we did that on Tuesday. We celebrated on Friday evening by making a huge batch of no bake cookies (the only cookies we can make, we don't have an oven, milk, or anything else thats good..) and we put Fan Ice all over them! Fan Ice is vanilla ice cream in a little 100ml plastic sachet that you bite the corner off of and suck the ice cream out. They're actually really delicious!
2.  So, I know you are learning/speaking Fante.  When you leave the area, will you have to learn a whole new language or are the other languages based upon the Fante dialect?
Most of our mission speaks one of two languages: Twi or Fante. They are both similar to each other but have some differences. If you have learned one, you can easily pick up the differences, so when I leave my area it shouldn't be too hard if I go to a Twi-speaking area. Good question!
3.  Did you get to watch conference?  I think the Ensign will all the talks is out.  We haven't received ours yet, but I heard you could get it at the Distribution Center.  Do you know if you will get a copy or should I send you one.
Thankfully we all went to the stake center on Sunday and watched conference as a stake! (There's only one stake in western region, the Takoradi stake, which covers 3 zones of our mission). It was an amazing experience, even though we only got to watch the saturday afternoon and sunday morning sessions. It was easily the best conference I have ever listened to. The difference it makes when you are actually listening and taking notes is immense. I can tell you that I regret how lazily I treated Conference back home! It was also nice to see all of the other missionaries in western region, including a few from my MTC group. By the way, yes, I would love to receive the Ensign! I don't think we get a copy and I would be very grateful If I had one. Thank you so much!
4.  Are there restaurants where you are where you can buy lunch or dinner?

Restaurants are called chop bars here (chop means eat for some strange reason) and they are everywhere. They mainly serve Fufu, but you can find a few stands that sell rice. You can get a good Fufu for about 5 cedis and same with a good fried rice. We usually eat out once or twice a week!  
5.  Are you healthy?  Do you take daily medication for malaria?  I think Eric did (or was supposed to) take a pill daily.  Have the missionaries in your area/mission generally been healthy?  I have to ask!

We all have to take Doxycycline everyday to combat malaria. I have been healthy and haven't had any sickness at all! There sadly is one missionary going home because he didn't take his Doxy and he got Malaria. For the most part the only sicknesses that missionaries get is a runny tummy! I've been blessed.
6. Did you think of anything else you want/need for Christmas?
Hmmm... so maybe:
Scripture markers, the laminated scripture mastery cards with chronology on the back, and any other gospel related things that you think would be helpful!
Burts Bees
Any type of candy that you can think of.
Anything that you think I would like or enjoy, absolutely anything is appreciated :)
7.  When are transfers?

November 23, coming up really soon. My companion is almost definitely leaving and I will receive a new one in 3 weeks. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. It will be interesting to see what happens!
Thank you all again for you emails this week and everything you all do for me. I'm sorry I can't respond to everyone this week, I'll hopefully have more time next week! I hope you all have a safe week!
Eldah Degen

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