Monday, December 1, 2014

E-mail dated 12/1/14

Mom and family,
Akwaabo! I am so so sorry but this email has to be a little short this week! We got caught up in our activity today and had to travel far to get to a working internet cafe. It's coming up on 9:00 here and we need to be back in the apartment soon! Please forgive me for not being able to email people back this week, I hope next week will be better! I think I can answer (Mom's) questions this week though, I hope I can adequately explain my week in my answers! I did read all of your emails though and would love to respond to all of your topics and questions if time permitted. So, here it goes!

1.  Why are you not proselyting in Eshiem anymore?  Did they close that part of the mission or assign it to new missionaries?  Are you only serving in Nketsiakrom now?
Eshiem has been given to the Mpintsin elders to proselyte because their area was small and Nketsiakrom is huge. They didn't want us being in such a big area and then spending half of our time in a village. I'm not happy with the decision, but I trust in the Lord that it was done for a reason! So yes, now I am only serving in Nketsiakrom, and there is a ton of work to do here and a lot of people to teach. I am excited to get to work!

2.  Tell us about your new companion.  Name, how long he has been out, etc., etc.
Ah, the big news of my week! Elder Mocke was transferred on Wednesday and I went to the Trotro station and picked up my new companion. His name is (I can already see your faces when you read it...) Elder Ntlhaakgosi from Botswana. He has been out for a little over a year now and he is an amazing guy. He's extremely nice and really easy to get along with. I have enjoyed getting to know him the past few days and I look forward to being his companion for the foreseeable future! I will tell you more about him as time goes on!

3.  I see from the Stevenson's blog that 15 new missionaries this week from the MTC, and all but 1 from countries other than the U.S. (1 from Idaho).  Did any of them come to your area?  Are you glad you have just finished your training and not just starting it?
Wow, I didn't even know that. Our mission is kind of split into two, Western Region and Central Region and I'm in the Western. Cape Coast and the Mission home is in Central and we hardly get any news about the mission! Only one of those 15 new missionaries came to Western Region and I didn't get the chance to meet him. Poor guy, I am so glad that I'm done with training!! Don't get me wrong, I loved Elder Mocke and my first 3 months, but it feels good to be looked at as a fully competent missionary now instead of a new guy. 

4.  What did you do for Thanksgiving on Thursday?  Anything special?  I meant to take some pictures on Thanksgiving to send to you and I forgot.  Sorry!
We had Thanksgiving today actually! Elder Rowe, me and Elder Day bought a turkey and killed it ourselves. We then bought potatoes, butter, cheese(!!), vegetables, gravy and corn. We spent a lot of money, but we fed the entire zone and it was the best meal that I have had in a long time. I wasn't able to be with me actual family today or thursday, but these Elders are my family out here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

5.  Do most people have full-time jobs and do they seem to make adequate wages?  
Most people have jobs, but they vary widely. A good paying job is 400 cedis a month (125 US $)

6.  What do you typically fix at your apartment for breakfast and dinner?  I know you told me a while ago that you eat a lot of the stuff like Top Ramen.
Still Indo Mie... Gotta love it!!
I'm out of time! I'm so sorry!! I love you all.
Elder Degen

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