Monday, January 26, 2015

E-mail dated 1/26/15

Mom and Family,
Ma mo akye! Good morning! I hope everything is doing well in Utah this week. It sounds like it was eventful and you had some time to do some cool things! Send me some pictures of the family sometime, I would love to see all of you:) I know that's selfish of me because it's hard for me to send pictures to you, so please forgive me! I miss you all so much!
So this week was an interesting one here in Dunkwa! We held mutual/midweek for the first time on Wednesday and we taught all the members how to sing the hymns! It was a fun activity and much needed. I think I can sum up the rest of my week and answer your questions all at once, so I will try!
You asked a few questions though that weren't in the numbered ones, so I'll answer those first! First off, yes, that was our apartment President was in, but I think the camera deceived you! Our curtains are thankfully red! My district leader is Elder Riehle from Washington DC and he is only on the other side of town. Our district is like it's own mission because it takes so long to get to the next closest town. We have our own impress here, which means we don't need anyone to come and give us what we need. Us 8 are in our own world up here in Dunkwa! I love it.  Also, your letter has not come yet, but like I said, I have to be patient here in Dunkwa! So here are your actual questions:

1.  You said you would like to have some extra money.  Do you want me to send you some cash or just put some in your account here you an access on your debit card?
Definitely put it in my account please!! Don't ever send more than like $10 in actual mail or else it will get stolen. If they feel an envelope that's kind of heavy or has a lot of papers, they will open it. If you ever get the chance though, it would be awesome if you could send me like 5 one dollar bills to give to my companions, that is something that they all want to see is American money. But put them inside a letter though, something that can kind of conceal them! Thank you so much for everything!

2.  Did the 7 baptisms occur last Saturday?  It's crazy that there are so many people who want to talk to you that you have to avoid them.  I am sure that this is a problem that other missionaries would LOVE to have! 
Yes, my companion and I were able to baptize two of our investigators and our district as a whole had 6 people baptized! It was an amazing day that has a crazy story to it. We don't have a real font here in Dunkwa, but we have a large tarp and poles that we set up at one of our members houses, so that's where we had the service. It's not easy, but it was amazing! 

3.  If you haven't already, give us an update on the progress of the building.
We had our second Sacrament Meeting and we had a whopping 90 people attend church yesterday! That's better than some wards here in this mission. And we are a group! I did have to help teach Relief Society again though, which was sweet, but we now have assigned members for everything next week. Things are coming along!

4.  President Stevenson's blog said that the drive to Dunkwa was beautiful.  Have you been able to take many pictures?  Any scary creatures (like spiders)?
I do have some amazing pictures of the drive up here, but I am really having trouble sending pictures here in Dunkwa! Hopefully I can send one today.

5.  You said that Dunkwa has some rich people.  Have you seen many nice houses?  Are the houses in Dunkwa nicer (or better) than the ones in your other area?
It's way nicer than Nketsiakrom, but these homes are nothing like in America though. All the roads are dirt, but the houses are in compounds that seperate them apart from each other. 

6.  How is the Twi coming?  
My Twi is slowly progressing, but it's not easy to stay confident when your companion is fluent in it! Slowly it is getting better though :)

7.  Are you happy?  (And healthy?)
Yes, I am very happy and healthy, and excited to work another week here!
I'm sorry I don't have much time this week, our normal cafe wasn't working so we had to come here! Please forgive me. I love you all and am always praying for you.
Elder Degen

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