Monday, March 30, 2015

E-mail dated 3/30/15

Mom and Family,

Akwaaba! I am going to apologize in advance today because my time is
being cut shorter than normal due to the terrible internet in this
cafe. I hope that this email reaches everyone safe and sound and that
it can manage to send! I won't waste too much time this week so I will
get right into the excitement.

This week was a crazy one as we had very few real proselyting days.
Thursday was only the second time on my mission that I had zero
lessons in one day, but it was well worth it because we were doing
service the entire day! President Stevenson pulled through for Dunkwa
this week and sent up 9 guys from Cape Coast to come and completely
renovate our rented chapel. They came to get the water running,
install lights, fans, and break down a few walls. We have been doing
without these things for months and it was such a relief to see them
come! We spent about 6 hours helping them on Thursday and then spent
the rest of the day working on the Takyi's house for them to move in
this week. By the time our day was over, we were exhausted! Friday was
somehow the same as all 8 of us then had to clean our construction
work and fill the font in preparation for a baptism on Saturday.
Sadly, Elder Bannerman and I didn't have any candidates, but we have 5
planned for Aprill 11th. After the service on Saturday we received
transfer news in the evening as another one came to a close yesterday!
I will tell you what the news was in my answer to your questions!

1. Are transfers announced this week? Do you think you will be staying put?

I am staying put in Dunkwa! Thank goodness! I actually wasn't worried
at all, I have only been here for 3 months, so I knew that I would be
staying. But as for Elder Bannerman, he received the news that he will
be transferred elsewhere! I found out that my new companion is Elder
Loader, an American. I have never met him before, but I am excited to
work with him starting on Wednesday. I am sad to see Elder Bannerman
go, but I know this is what the Lord has in mind for me. I was very
lucky to serve with a Ghanaian as I was able to learn more Twi than I
ever thought I could. I always know that Heavenly Father has a
specific reason for each companion that I have!

2. As I mentioned, Conference is this weekend. Did you ever get to
watch all 5 sessions from last October's conference?

Nope, I only got to watch two sessions of it about a month after they
happened. Thankfully I have read all of the talks in the Ensign and I
study them often. Please send the Ensign to me when it comes out
again, it is always a great gift!

3. I know you said you haven't played any basketball, how about soccer?

Haha it is a great coincidence that you asked that, because today was
only the second time my entire mission that I have been able to play
football! We went to a small field near a school and played on their
goals made out of thin tree trunks and sticks. It was so fun and I
think we may play again soon!

4. I am so glad you received your package!! Did the chocolate arrive
in one big blob? Was everything eatable?

Everything was edible and it is all so delicious. Thank you so much! I
have been giving the smarties out as rewards for a few of my recent
converts and they love the "American toffee". Oh, I miss chocolate so
much. Nobody take me to a supermarket when I get home, I am going to
buy everything.

5. Do you have any idea how the people celebrate Easter there? Does
the Easter Bunny come?

They celebrate Easter in the only way they are able to, by going to
church! To me, this is way better than any Easter basket or egg-dying
that we do in America. These people really understand the humble
living of the Savior and it is much easier to remember the true
meaning here on my mission. I am so lucky to be among the greatest
people in the world at this joyful time of the year.

6. Are you still healthy? :)

I am still perfectly healthy, nothing to complain about :)

Thank you all for your emails, I hope that I can be able to reply to
all of them and I am sorry if some of them are brief! I need to have a
good day of emailing soon, it's been awhile since I've been able to
send pictures. Don't worry, it will hopefully happen next week!

I love you all, please be safe.

Elder Degen

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