Monday, May 23, 2016

E-mail dated 5/23/16

Family and Friends,
Akwaabo! How-da-body every one? It's been another great week here in Liberia, sadly a little too great! I don't have nearly anytime for my long email this week.. I apologize, but I'll try and say something small!

Our baptism fell through this past week, but we have rescheduled it for the 4th of June, so it won't be too far! Speaking of that though, there's a good chance that I will be transferred at the end of this week! I will find out on Friday though.

Other than that it was a great week! 

1.  On the FB page, on of the Mom's asked if anyone knew how many missionaries there were in the mission now.  She got a wide variety of answers:  68, 79 and 98.  Do you know the number?  I know you said you were getting more missionaries the end of the month.
Hmmm... I think it's in the 70's right now, but soon it will reach in the 80's or 90's.

2.  Are President and Sister Carlson assigned to a Branch or do they travel around the mission attending different branches each Sunday?
They travel around, although many times I think they go to the Sinkor Branch because it's the closest!

3.  Did you hear that the Church has revised the clothing requirements for sister missionaries that are serving in countries where disease is passed from mosquitos?  Sisters serving in these countries are now permitted to wear dress pants to proselyte in.  This affects almost half of the missions of the Church.  Do you have any native full-time sister missionaries serving in your mission?
Yes, we have 6 Sisters in our mission! They're awesome.

4.  How much rain would you say you have received this week?  It has rained quite a bit here the last few days.  (I'm sure it is minimal compared to what you received).
Liberia has more rain the the month of June than the city of Seattle does for the whole year. It rains a lot here, but I'm, not sure how many inches these past few weeks! Sister Carlson told me that the average for the year is 180 inches/year.

5.  Besides family, friends, etc., what is the one thing (or things) that you have missed the most after being gone for 21 months?  
Besides my relationships, It's definitely been food. I miss good food so much!

Sorry for the horrible email this week, I promise I'll do better next week! I love you all.
Elder Degen

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