Monday, June 13, 2016

E-mail dated 6/13/16

Family and Friends,

Akwaabo! Thank you everyone for bearing patience with me the past few weeks as I have been horrible at writing people back. I finally have good time today, so I'm trying to make amends. I glad that every one had a good week though and that I was able to hear from all of you! God bless every one for your continuous emails.

My week, as always, was great! Elder Smith and I really have started to settle down in our new area and build up our teaching pool. Whitewashing isn't easy, but it can be nice because you get to sift the wheat from the tares in terms of investigators! One such example is man named Lawrence. We met him our second day in the area last week, and he has progressed greatly. He has come to Church two weeks in a row now and he has accepted a baptismal date for the second of July! This week he told us that the day met him, he was praying we would stop and talk with him. He now thanks God everyday for "blessing him with the true church." I'm really excited for Lawrence!

My week also was a bit eventful. On Friday we received and interesting call from President Carlson. He told us that Elder Smith will be emergency transferred to Lagoon (an area in my same zone, about 15 minutes away) and that I will be training a new French-speaking missionary from Ivory Coast! I was a bit surprised, but I'm really excited to finish my mission training. This will be my fifth and final trainee! He arrives in Liberia next week, so for this week I will be going out with branch missionaries.

Anyways, now to answer your questions!

1.  Elder Verdoni's Mom also posted pictures of your apartment.  It looks like a pink castle!  Is that how you would describe it?  It looks pretty nice (and big)!

It's awesome! Yes, I would describe it as a big pink castle. You have to remember that it was a sisters apartment up until a few weeks ago! It's a very nice place though. 

2.  It sounds like you received a lot of referrals from your friend, Nancy.  Were you able to meet and teach any of them?

Yes, we were! She even carried 4 of them to Church yesterday. She's awesome.

3.  What event took place this past week that increased your testimony of the Savior?

Hmmm... I think these past two weeks have been testimonies in and of their own. As I have gone to a brand new area, I was reminded that the Lord doesn't like us being too comfortable in one place, because we have to rely on Him less. That's one of the reasons transfers can be a great blessing, especially whitewashing. Whenever I leave my house in the morning I completely rely on the guidance of the Spirit that the Savior provides, because without it we wouldn't accomplish anything in that day. It's been an incredible testimony builder as I strive to do as instructed in Alma 37:37, which is to "counsel the Lord in all thy doings." 

Thank you all again for your wonderful emails and for your support! Even though its been a few weeks since I've replied to some of you, I still greatly appreciate all that you do for me. I love you all and can't wait to hear from you next week!

Elder Degen

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