Monday, October 6, 2014

E-mail dated 10/6/14


Wow, another week gone? The time has gone by very quickly for me this week as well. My first transfer in the field is almost done, which means I'm halfway through training. It seems like yesterday I got into the field! The days are long here, but the weeks are short (Eric told me that and it's so true). I'm so sorry again for last week! I spent at least 45 minutes on an email to you and realized near the end of my time that it didn't send. It's okay though, last week wasn't too exciting, I think I only expounded on the questions you asked me.

Anyways, go Utes!! I still love hearing about sports and I'm always happy to hear about my Utes! Their probably going to go to the playoffs this year, only because that's what always happens when Ute fans go on missions! Haha I'm glad to hear it though :) To be honest, I would have much rather watched something else this weekend though. I am so sad I didn't get to hear any of conference. We won't be able to hear it or read it until near the end of November... Don't take conference for granted. To hear the voice of the Prophet and His servants is a privilege that not everyone has. Remember that every word from them is directly from Heavenly Father, do not take it lightly.

Anyways, I have some good news; I had my first baptism on Friday! We had it in Eshiem, the village that is about an hour walk away from our apartment. His name is Evans Otoo, he is 16, and it was an amazing experience being able to witness my first convert baptism. Elder Mocke has been teaching him for a few months, so he was able to do the actual baptism! We held it in the evening on friday, and we had about 10 people there. I wish I could have taken a video of it, but it wouldn't have captured the spirit that was there. It was an amazing baptism.

On saturday, we did a zone service project at a school in our zone. Some black American lady picked us up and we all weeded with our machetes for about 2 hours or so. While I was there, I got to meet my new zone leader for the first time! My first zone leader, Elder Shinasi, went home last monday. The new zone leader's name is Elder Pearmain, he was recently transferred from the Liberia mission. He has been out a year and half and goes home in February. Oh, and he went to Murray! Haha I went to high school with him when I was a sophomore, he graduated with Jordan Erekson and those guys. Eric even talked to him before he left on his mission if you can remember that! Small world. We talked for a long time at the service project, it felt good being able to talk to someone so close to home! I'm sure you will see him when he gets home. That's crazy, huh?

Before I forget, If you ever don't hear from me on Monday, that means that the power is out and that I will email on Tuesday. That will probably happen a couple times, but don't worry! By the way, I recieved your package on Thursday!!! Oh man, you spoiled me. I was the envy of the whole apartment and I know that I can make that candy last for a long time. Thank you so much! You really shouldn't have done that, I couldn't help but look at the price tag...

I got my first haircut in Ghana on wednesday! I asked for an Obroni haircut, but the guy definitely didnt know how... Needless to say, my hair is really short now! I don't care too much though, I have no one to impress here! I'll try and send a picture soon, I haven't taken too many this past week. I think I'm going to buy an SD card here and put pictures and videos on it, and then send it home. It works for other elders and it would be a lot better than emailing all of them! Maybe I'll film a lot of one day to show you what a typical day of mine looks like. 

I almost forgot to answer your questions!!!

1.  Did you receive the package I sent you?  Don't be too shocked when you see the price it cost to send it to you.  I just hope it arrives in one piece.

Yes!! Thank you so much!! it got here in about 2 weeks, which is surprisingly fast!

2.  Someone once told me that when you serve a mission the days can go so slow, but the weeks seem to fly by.  Is this true?  I can't believe you have been gone for 7 weeks, but at the same time I think, I can't believe you have only been gone for 7 weeks.  

It's very true. I can't believe how different time is. I'll wake up in the morning and think of how long of a day I have ahead of me, but then I look back on the week and wonder where the time has gone. It's interesting!

3.  Did the baptism take place that you were hoping to have a few weeks ago but couldn't because the water was too high?

I'm starting to realize I've answered some of these questions before... sorry!

4.  Are there any investigators or new members that you would like us to pray for?

Wow, that's a good question. We have an investigator that Mocke has been teaching for 6 months named brother Samuel. He knows it's true, but won't accept that he's received an answer. We fasted and prayed for him yesterday, and I will let you know next week what happens with him!

5.  How has the rain been this week?  Has it slowed down?

Not too much rain this week, just drizzles every day for about an hour or so. Just enough to make everything muddy for the rest of the day!

6.  What is the strangest (or yummiest) thing you have eaten this week?

We pounded our own fufu in the apartment yesterday! Man, it was really bad. These Fante women make it look so easy, but it's a lot harder than we thought! Fufu is really good though when you get a soft dough and good soup. The candy you sent was definitely the tastiest thing I had this week though. I'm getting very good and creative at cooking ramen noodles though!

Thank you again for everything! I love the work here, and there is no need to worry about me. I really am sorry about last week! Mom, I love you so much. Don't ever forget it. Thank you so much. God be with you all this week!


Elder Degen

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