Monday, September 29, 2014

E-mail dated 9/29/14

So, Gavin wrote a long e-mail but it did not make it to me.  He sent this shorter, second e-mail answering the questions I had asked him:

Just in case you didn't get my long email I just sent, I'll send this!

1.  How many investigators are you teaching?  Do you give the lessons in English or Fanti?

9 or 10! We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but the village didn't have water and the river was too high. My first baptism will be on Friday! We are supposed to teach mainly in English but that can be hard because many people don't understand. We try to teach as much as we can in Fanti and have a translator there whenever possible!

2.  Has President Stevenson been to your area since you have been there?  

No, but I go to the mission home in a week or two when it's halfway through my training! I'm excited!

3.  What are the grocery stores there like?  I  assume they are smaller than the Smith's by our house, but how big are they?

Hahaha. The shops that sell food are about the size of a closet. They sell flour, sugar, and other provisionals. We go to the market (stands about the size of a wheelbarrow) to get our vegetables and fish. There is a place called Garden Mart in Takarodi that is similar to a large gas station back home. They sell American food but it's exremely expensive!

4.  Do you have to be in your apartment before it is dark?  What do you do in the evenings after you get back to your 

It gets dark here around 6 or so. We usually return home at about 9. We proselyte for quite a while in the dark, which can be difficult when there's no power! When we get home we close our day, make dinner, and go to bed. we don't have energy for anything else!

5.  Do the members or your investigators ever feed you meals?

Occasionally! usually once or twice a week. It's always fufu, which is great for me. When I first got here it wasn't my favorite, but it has become delicious to me now!

6.  Did you get Kalli's letter she sent you several weeks ago?  She sent it through the mail.

Yes, I did! a few weeks ago... sorry I didn't tell you earlier! There is a letter for her that I am sending soon.

7.  Any crazy weather yet?

Yup, we had a huge storm on saturday! We were wading through water up to our knees to get to some of our appointments. The railway was underwater. 

Disregard this email if you received my longer one, I just wanted to make sure you heard from me this week! I'm so sorry if you didn't get it. 

I love you!

Elder Degen

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