Monday, July 4, 2016

E-mail dated 7/4/16

Family and Friends,

Akwaabo! Well, the connection is absolutely horrible today, so I'm just going to send something small. I won't even attempt to copy and paste the questions this week. Sorry every one, but I won't be able to reply individually today! Please enjoy my horrible email.

My week was, of course (it doesn't change), fantastic! Elder Tayie and I finally had a week that wasn't disturbed by mission tours or zone conferences, so that meant that we had a lot of work to do! Thankfully the Lord lifted us up and strengthened us, because we were one of the only companionships in the mission that wasn't sick this past week. Elder Tayie greatly improved with his English this week, and he's really starting to get into the groove of missionary work. He is getting much better at expressing his thoughts and he's now able to teach large portions of the lessons! Both of us spent our time in the field mainly preparing James and Lawrence for baptism.

Saturday was the big day for both of them, and it was one of the best baptismal services that I've been too. The branch organized it well, and after hauling in water to the font with trash cans, everything was good to go! Even though it's extremely hard to get large amounts of water here in Africa, every time I've had a baptism, water somehow makes its way to the font. That alone is a testimony that our Heavenly Father cares about missionary work and that, like it says in Jacob, "the Lord of the vineyard labor[s] also with them." I'm certainly not doing this work alone!

Well, have a great week everyone! Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the parade and the fireworks for me. Be sure to eat lots of delicious meat. I love you all!

Elder Degen

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