Monday, May 4, 2015

E-mail dated 5/4/15

Family and Friends,
Akwaabo! Greetings from Ghana! Thank you once again everyone for the emails this week and the news that you all gave me. It sounds like a fun week with a wedding and school coming to an end soon. I'm glad that everyone was safe though and enjoyed everything! Send my congratulations to Alex and Nate as well. 

For me, my week wasn't too exciting! The only exciting thing that happened was our interviews with President Stevenson were on Thursday and after our meeting we watched Meet the Mormons! I've been hearing from a lot of my friends about how their missions were the first to see it, and now it finally came to Ghana! I think it's safe to say that we are one of the last missions in the world to see it. Either way though, it was enjoyable and the Church did really well on it! 

The good news though is that President Stevenson passed Abigail for her baptism on the 9th!!!! I can't tell you how happy Elder Loader and I were when we heard she was good to go. We are baptizing her on Saturday and hopefully Seth and Comfort will be able to join her as well. Also, Augustina left this morning to go to her mother's village to give birth later this month! So that's exciting as well. 

I don't have a whole lot of time today, but since I get to Skype on Sunday I don't feel too bad ;) Speaking of that, I can Skype almost anytime, but it sounds like I will be calling around 11:30 Utah time. I think that will be the best time for everyone and I will be able to talk for about an hour or so! If there is anything that would prevent that, just let me know. 

1.  Are you still holding steady at about 100 people at church each week?  About how long does it take for most of the people coming to church to get there?
Yes, we routinely have over 100 people at church, but most of them show up around a half hour to an hour late. It's Africa time! This Sunday we watched general conference though and we filled the chapel. Sadly, the Fanti that they translated it into was horrible and nobody could understand it. So, I still haven't listened to a single understandable word of conference yet! I'm excited for the Ensign.

2.  Is the rich man who lives next to you still coming home soon?  I would love to meet him.  By the way, I loved the story of Brother Essien you shared last week.  I am actually going to read a part of it in my lesson today.  
He came home on Thursday! Poor guy, he was stuck in Ghana for 4 months with a hard work to do. He lives in Alpine though, and he is coming back in about 5 to 6 weeks! His name is Eric Magleby, by the way. 

3.  What was challenging for you this week? 
Hmm... It honestly wasn't too challenging of a week for me. It was extremely hot and humid though, and it's always a struggle walking under the African sun. This is a good question though, and I enjoy answering it!

4.  What was your sweetest success? 
Seeing Abigail pass her baptismal interview. She was so insanely happy that she was able to pass and be found worthy to be baptized. Elder Loader and I were happy as well!!! Also, Sarfo is beginning his passport papers this week so that he can go on his mission as soon as he receives his endowments next year in February. He is a powerful guy and I'm grateful I was able to teach him. 

5.  I have some things to send you.  Let me know in your response or next Sunday when we get to talk what you need and I will get a package sent off soon.   
Anyways, Thank you again everyone for the emails and prayers of support this week. I love you all and appreciate it very much! I'm excited to talk with you on Sunday.

Elder Gavin Degen

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